Property Transactions

Land DEPT Aprovals

We provide administrative services for developers, owners, and individuals looking to own property.

We provide our clients with complete administrative support in procedures for any scale of transaction relating to small or large properties. All our procedures are in accordance with the laws of Dubai Land Department and Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).
Real estate transactions or property transactions require a lot of strategic approaches and smart moves in order to get the whole process done and get the perfect space as well. Owning a property is considered one of the biggest investments an individual can have, but finding a property, getting all the legal work done, as well as negotiating the price and all other work requires to be done with utmost care.

At PROBIZ business setup consultancy, you get all the support and guidance you require in order to get your ownership on real estate. Our real estate administrative support specialists provide all-rounder care and guidance to each and every client who seeks help from us. Our services are of top-notch quality when it comes to property transaction services Dubai our team of specialists are working for en extensive period of time in this industry and have gained an ample amount of knowledge about administrative approaches. We guide every client through every venture of real estate transactions with utmost loyalty and transparent work. Or service charges are reasonable and we ought to have services meant for anybody and everybody. Contact PROBIZ now for further details on how you can also establish ownership of real estate properties effortlessly.